“…it is the perfect place to rest a tired iPod, cellphone or other movie-playing device.”


“…constructed out of micro-suede (perfect for wiping your display free of fingerprints) and who knows? It may free you from the tyranny of having to hold your iPhone upright on long plane rides.”

“The clever part of MovieWedge is how the bag is sewn, including a stiff (but bendable)…lip for the iPhone to sit in…it held up exceptionally well.”

“The bean-bag chair meets the iPhone.”


“Why didn’t you think of this? This is such a good idea!”


“The Movie Wedge is one of those “I didn’t realize I needed that” products that you really come to appreciate and miss when it’s not around.”


“A new and very simple stand called the MovieWedge has been unveiled that will make propping up the iPhone and other devices a snap.”